A cut above

This ingenious cutting board will have you serving your guests in style.

by Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault

Warmer weather often means that our living spaces extend into the outdoors, with patio furniture becoming our new seasonal dining room and the barbecue taking centre stage as our hub for cooking and entertaining.

To help carry food and beverages from inside to out, try flexing a little DIY muscle to create these easy and affordable jigsaw puzzle serving boards. Use individually at your next afternoon get together or interconnected along the centre of your outdoor dining table to host a chic charcuterie evening al fresco.

These unique boards will have you serving up style all summer long.

Materials Needed:

• Untreated hardwood board approximately 8 in/20 cm wide, 24 in/60 cm long, 1 in/2.5 cm thick)
• Electric jigsaw
• Disposable gloves
• Lint-free rags
• Sanding block or electric palm sander
• Chalk
• Watco Butcher Block Oil & Finish

How To:

Step 1: Using a piece of chalk, sketch a puzzle pattern near both ends of the plank and in the centre to create two connecting serving boards.

Step 2: With a jigsaw, cut along the chalk lines.

Step 3: Sand all wood surfaces thoroughly, round edges with palm sander and then wipe down both boards with a damp lint-free rag to remove all sanding particles

Step 4: Wearing gloves and using a lint-free rag, apply an even coat of Watco food safe Oil & Finish to seal and protect boards.

Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault – a self-proclaimed DIY ninja whose design philosophy fuses ingenuity, quirk and quality on a budget – is the owner of design firm Hue La La and is a regular contributor to Cityline. HueLaLa.com