A note from Colin and Justin

Hello, and welcome to Here with Colin and Justin. The very essence of life in the rural space, Here is an exciting, quarterly magazine based in Ontario’s magical Cottage Country. With the emphasis on informative, inspirational content, our new mag will be a style bible, a lifestyle compass and a guide to all that’s good in cottage country.

Building on the success of our TV shows Cabin Pressure and Great Canadian Cottages, and of course our Globe and Mail bestselling book Escapology, Here will profile cottage country – from Muskoka and Georgian Bay, to Haliburton and The Kawarthas – yet somehow reimagined and revitalized.

In this, our inaugural issue, we’ll explore, courtesy of our sunroom guide, the possibilities of bug-free summers, we’ll share real estate counsel to help bag the biggest price come sales time, and we’ll appraise style trends to help make more of your cottage on a daily basis. Did somebody say: “Feel good factor 101?”

Aye we’ve got you covered.

If looking to detail your landscape with a pond, celebrity gardeners Ben and Mark Cullen’s guide will float you in the right direction, whilst Christy Wright has the lowdown on accessories to help embrace summer 2021. Learn about all things “fowl” with Lisa Harrison’s guide to keeping chickens; and take it from us, it’s clucking fabulous! But wait: with a surfeit of fresh eggs, you’ll want to hatch some delicious recipes, huh? Worry not: Daniela Pagliaro has some cracking ideas.

In Come From Away, Here explores a surge in interest amongst urbanites keen to discover a more tranquil existence, and, crucially, the ability to work from home. Who are these new, rural aspirants? And what, precisely, do they do?

All is revealed.

After a weary winter of enforced lockdowns, many of us are anxious to exercise – Kaileigh Nicols’ yoga guide will have you rolling out your mat and stretching.

And finally, due – in part – to the burgeoning global travelling community and films like Nomadland, RVing is now more popular than ever. But is a “wheels up” existence for you? Marc Atchison rolls with the flow to provide all the answers.

Without further ado, we’d like to help you lead your best life and escape, if even for a few stolen moments. Aye, grab a coffee (or better still a glass of wine) head for your favourite chair and enjoy your own piece of paradise, courtesy of our new magazine, right Here (it’s where you are) in Cottage Country. Enjoy!

Colin and Justin