Cabin Style 2021

Sanctuary, escape and reward: buzzwords associated with lifestyle in 2021. Cue the Key Trends tip list, guaranteed to bring out the best in your cabin on a daily basis.

by Colin and Justin

After a year of enforced quarantine, Canadians everywhere are demanding more from their spaces. Not only from a physical perspective (homes, these days, are now workplaces, schools, bars and gyms), but from the way their abodes feel, and indeed the mood they deliver.  

We’ve long since opined that our homes should be the spaces in which we can be our truest, safest and happiest selves. This mindset, or so it would certainly appear, is coming to universal fruition thanks to the current trend of investing (more than ever before) in our nesting predilections. And so, without further ado, herewith a roster of thoughtful ideas to make every “home day” feel special.

Thoughtful objects

Merging beauty and practicality is key for 2021 and, this in mind, the range of objects for everyday living at Førs Studio totally delivers. Take, for instance, their Switch Bowl: beautifully curved and versatile, it can be used as a lidded vessel for sugar, sea salt or nuts, or cleverly flipped as a domed covered dish. $40

Veranda range from Hauser (top) and Landing range from Cabana Coast (bottom).

Create an outdoor living room

Layers are the new must have for outdoor seating, with furniture, rugs and fireplaces now critical components of decks, patios or terraces. Decide on your yard’s best orientation, then anchor a focal point piece there – this could be an outdoor kitchen elevation, conveniently arranged with proximity to your dining table, or an outdoor fireplace around which seating can be comfortably ordered. Then add your big items (sofa and tables, etc.) before adding occasional dressing (like lanterns and patio heaters) and finally softer elements such as floor rugs, cushions and throws. The smart, modern lines of the Landing outdoor seating range from Cabana Coast or the Veranda range from Hauser would work well with this look.

Paint it white

To introduce light, calm and serenity, consider painting everything in a compendium of soft, creamy tones. Not only is this extremely cost effective, it’s a great way to create a clean, blank canvas against which you can imprint personal and seasonal style. If happy spending a little cash on your project, consider new floors in a white washed look – try Bellman Street Tumbleweed or Monterey Heights Newport flooring from Taylor Carpet One. Or perhaps white toned quartz kitchen surfaces such as Calacatta Extra, Chantilly or Royale Blanc from Canadian manufacturer Hanstone.

Clear thinking

Bring a spot of welcome clarity to home office storage with acrylic trays, drawer units and display cases from Muji. Crafted from transparent material, the vibe is light, ethereal and clever and allows you to see exactly where each item is stashed.

Texture is the way forward

A surefire way to make your cabin special is to make it feel as good as it looks – cue fabrics and finishes that are structured and rewarding to touch. Fingertips, you see, are amongst the body’s most sensitive parts, with around 100 nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated. Hang soft Turkish towels from Up River Trading Company against a timber wall, or add visual texture with rattan furnishes or clusters of woven bins. All baskets shown available from HomeSense.

Wood is always good

Timber accessories have always been at home in cottage country, but for 2021, they’re taking on a refined, simpler approach with the emphasis on pared-down shapes and muted finishes. Rustic chopping boards are your best on trend friend, especially when teamed with natural linen cloths, tea towels and simple wooden utensils. The look is utilitarian and simple: a joyous daily pleasure.I tems shown here from H&M. 

Nest is best

If short on space – or simply seeking the flexibility to add more or less furniture as required – the humble nesting table could be the answer. Whilst not exactly a new idea, many of today’s variants ooze more style and sophistication than their predecessors. The Remy tables from Structube are a great buy, and literally swallow each other up in a pinch. $189 (walnut veneer), $119 (white)

Personal mindfulness

Seeking quiet “me” time is more essential than ever as 2021 rolls. This in mind, there’s no better way to focus the soul and block out noise than by “creating” or “making.” This goes some way to explaining why Lego and jigsaw sales have gone through the roof over the last twelve months. Cottage country is fortunate to have its own puzzle masters, courtesy of The Occurrence, a Haliburton-based team who make amazing jigsaws that’ll keep you centred and quiet for hours. ‘Haliburton County Roadmap’ and ‘Red Canoe’ jigsaws are our faves! $26

Look local for inspiration 

When we think about cottage country, we imagine the ice age and the stoic glaciers that created the rugged, granite shield upon which we now stand. Feeling inspired? Consider a beautiful pathway made from large format granite pavers: great hefts such as these always look wonderful. Or take this logic even further and create an outdoor granite detailed room, complete with fireplace, dining area and a dedicated zone for reclining. For rock-solid inspo, dig deep into the Muskoka Rock Company. 

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