Here: Exploring the New Rural Lifestyle

Here. It’s where you are: a landscape stretching from the shores of Georgian Bay, eastward through the Haliburton Highlands and south to the lakes of the Kawarthas.

Here with Colin and Justin - Issue 1

It’s Ontario’s Cottage Country – reimagined and revitalized.

Central Ontario is experiencing the fastest growth since Confederation. A population of former city dwellers – educated, travelled, skilled and savvy – is making its way north, escaping the physical and mental confines of city life to find something new, something better beyond the concrete highways and glass towers – Here.

Here is dotted with resort towns and former industrial towns. It’s infused with natural assets – lakes, hills, rivers and forests; peopled by industrious, storied locals and those who have joined them to explore and invest in small-town life. It’s a region brimming with opportunities to embrace and enjoy the New Rural Lifestyle – nothing less than a more real, more fulfilling and happier way of life.

The New Rural Lifestyle is what happens when you add thousands of new, capable people to established, small country communities. It’s entrepreneurial. It’s real. It involves shifting the focus from oneself to what’s around you, fully engaging with the people and landscape of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Here With Colin and Justin is the standard bearer of the New Rural Lifestyle. Here shows newcomers how to settle, connect, grow and make a difference. Here gives them the tools and information they need to make the most of rural life, and the most of life itself.

Here is about:

• Building homes that reflect values of quality, durability, sustainability and responsibility;

• How towns are revitalizing and reinventing themselves;

• Setting up successful professional practices, businesses, shops and workshops;

• Engaging in volunteer opportunities;

• Solving problems and building communities;

• Enjoying the outdoors and nature;

• Buying local first;

• Living an authentic life.

Here is where you are.