In the Spring 2022 Issue

The Ancient Ones

From soft and sensual, to jagged and sharp, the icebergs slip silently by along the east coast of Newfoundland.

The feel-good factor

Reward, repair, restore – that’s what February means to us. So go on: bring on the ‘good feels’ with products that bring out the best in you. All showcased items hail from independent Ontario traders.

Boho inspired makeover

Exercise a little creativity with your budget and you won’t have to empty your bank account to update your bathroom.

Fire safety 101

s to fire safety, what we don’t know can hurt us. Learning how to prevent fires and install alarm systems helps prevent harm to property, ourselves, our neighbours and firefighters.

Where there’s smoke …

Public education in fire safety goes beyond prevention to include escape planning and firefighter response support. Both can significantly affect outcomes, especially in Cottage Country.

Worm farming knowhow

Creating the perfect habitat for your red wigglers will mean lots of compost in your future. Your garden will thank you, and so will Mother Earth.

From waste to resource

Vermiculture is easy. Just get some red wigglers, and transform organic waste into nutrient dense soil

The spirit of Christmas past

Recalling memories of childhood holidays, our contributors share the special flavours from their celebration tables.

By Colin and Justin

Spring forward

With the tantalizing promise of spring in the air (and, we hope, summer just around the corner), we’ve corralled a host of ideas to welcome the new season as the mercury’s vertiginous ascent continues (hopefully) apace.

Guest services

With many people opting to holiday at home this summer, there’s no better time to trick out your cottage and make it the best it can be.

Home bar none

When it’s time to welcome guests back to your rustic retreat, up the ante with a home bar that screams ‘Lounge Lizard.’

Sweet truths

A trilogy of Scottish sweeties to challenge the most ardently tooth conscious amongst you.

Here with Colin and Justin - Issue 1

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Escape to the Country

A Sunday drive

A quick stop during a weekend outing became a life altering event for the Lalonde family, who became the proud new owners of Crossroads Restaurant in Rosseau.

Escape to the country

Moving to a historic home in Gravenhurst was part of the healing process for Andy and Kelly Warne and their children following a life-changing car crash.

Escape to the country

Rick and Susan Brooks built their home on land once owned by Rick’s great grandfather.

Escape to the country

A passive home in a beautiful setting on Eagle Lake lured Dana and Rose from Arizona for the good vibes of a four-season wonderland

Come from away

Lakeside living encourages people to scale back and explore the New Rural Lifestyle.

Architecture and Design

Time to cocoon

Changing leaves inspire changing things up. So, we scoured what’s out there and came up with an inspired edit of autumnal items for both the great outdoors and creative cottage cocooning.

Heat wave

Red is hot. Red is associated with energy, love, power and danger. Pepper your home with this vibrant tone and let the flames of passion dance high.

Tasty new features

You – and your castle – deserve the very best. So savour the style and savings of new-generation appliances and help save energy and money. The planet will thank you.

Sunshine inside and out

The aerie-like position of this cabin offers a living experience like no other. Cue epic views, and a modern kitchen that burns bright like the sun.

Outdoors and Entertainment

Out and about

Keeping up with a fitness routine in the time of COVID has led trainers, their clients and the rest of us to be more creative in the ways we get moving.

Surviving isolation

Winter may encourage you to hibernate, which means that you need to be proactive about your physical and mental well-being.

Hype your holiday

Styled correctly, the cottage should be a wonderful place to gather, safe from the climatic vagaries of winter, write Colin and Justin.

Snow much fun!

While summers in Cottage Country are certainly iconic, it’s winter that truly brings adventure for kids of all ages.


Worm farming knowhow

Creating the perfect habitat for your red wigglers will mean lots of compost in your future. Your garden will thank you, and so will Mother Earth.

Aliens in your backyard

UFOs – unidentified flora (and fauna) objects – can be overpowered if you nurture native plants and animals. In the process, your environment will become substantially more welcoming.

From waste to resource

Vermiculture is easy. Just get some red wigglers, and transform organic waste into nutrient dense soil

Winter is for the birds

Participate in the Christmas Bird Count and, who knows, you might become hooked on watching our fine, feathered friends.

A Note from Colin and Justin

Hello, and welcome to Here with Colin and Justin. The very essence of life in the rural space, Here is an exciting, quarterly magazine based in Ontario’s magical Cottage Country. With the emphasis on informative, inspirational content, our new mag will be a style bible, a lifestyle compass and a guide to all that's good in cottage country.

Here: Exploring the New Rural Lifestyle

The New Rural Lifestyle is what happens when you add thousands of new, capable people to established, small country communities. It’s entrepreneurial. It’s real. It involves shifting the focus from oneself to what’s around you, fully engaging with the people and landscape of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Here With Colin and Justin is the standard bearer of the New Rural Lifestyle. Here shows newcomers how to settle, connect, grow and make a difference. Here gives them the tools and information they need to make the most of rural life, and the most of life itself.

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Here is about:

  • Building homes that reflect values of quality, durability, sustainability and responsibility;
  • How towns are revitalizing and reinventing themselves;
  • Setting up successful professional practices, businesses, shops and workshops;
  • Engaging in volunteer opportunities;
  • Solving problems and building communities;
  • Enjoying the outdoors and nature;
    Living an authentic life.

Here connects you with one of the highest value markets in Canada. Our readership has sold their city homes – often with huge profits. They need new homes, renovations and everything those involve. Here readers are high consumers of recreational equipment, travel, dining, watercraft, sustainable building products, alternative energy systems and energy-efficient appliances. They have the income and wealth of city dwellers, without huge mortgages and other expenses that limit their disposable income. Here readers are all-in, full-time, and you have the opportunity to help them settle and grow.

On any given day, Here readers are buying and leasing commercial properties to start businesses; looking at better ways to heat their homes; considering the right vehicle for tougher winters and country roads; thinking about local adventure activities and distant adventure vacations; hosting friends and family; taking up new sports; managing their income and investments; starting new hobbies and pursuing old ones; optimizing their lives with technology, from internet services to smart homes.

Here is where they are. Here is where you need to be.