In the Fall 2021 Issue

Shedding light on a garden escape

Bring a little cottage vibe to any backyard by transforming a shed into a private retreat.

Enjoy the summer bounty

As the summer season concludes, now is the perfect time to harvest an abundance from the garden. Here’s how to make the most of summer tastes: from beet gnocchi to peach and basil sorbet, learn to expect the unexpected.

Good reads

Put on your beloved comfy sweater, a pair of warm socks and curl up in your favourite chair with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s time to enjoy an afternoon of mystery and romance with a good book!

Time to cocoon

Changing leaves inspire changing things up. So, we scoured what’s out there and came up with an inspired edit of autumnal items for both the great outdoors and creative cottage cocooning.

Slow shift into a new season

While there are few experiences on earth more glorious than August in Ontario’s Cottage Country, it always comes with those occasional nagging reminders – a drifting yellowing leaf, an unexpectedly chill breeze – that a northern winter looms.

Cottage industry

Colin and Justin discuss the whys and wherefores of creating a home office. Planned carefully, they counsel, business can indeed be brisk.

Nature’s artwork

Autumn in Cottage Country left an indelible mark upon the spirits of the Group of Seven artists, as well as their compatriot Tom Thomson. You needn’t be an artist, however, to be spellbound by the riotous fall colours.

Take a hike

Hiking is key to broadening your horizons, connecting with others and improving your overall health and mood.

By Colin and Justin

The dock days of summer

The highs and lows of installing a new dock: let the berthing – and the floating parties – begin.

Home bar none

When it’s time to welcome guests back to your rustic retreat, up the ante with a home bar that screams ‘Lounge Lizard.’

On the rise: A Drag Lake beauty

Designers Suzanne Dimma and Arriz Hassam throw open the doors to their elevated Haliburton cottage.

Quiet moments

Queen of texture Lynne Knowlton inspires us to create a tranquil oasis with her recipe for touchy-feely calm.

Here with Colin and Justin - Issue 1

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Escape to the Country

Escape to the country

Moving to a historic home in Gravenhurst was part of the healing process for Andy and Kelly Warne and their children following a life-changing car crash.

Escape to the country

Rick and Susan Brooks built their home on land once owned by Rick’s great grandfather.

Escape to the country

A passive home in a beautiful setting on Eagle Lake lured Dana and Rose from Arizona for the good vibes of a four-season wonderland

Come from away

Lakeside living encourages people to scale back and explore the New Rural Lifestyle.

Architecture and Design

Cabin Style 2021

Sanctuary, escape and reward: buzzwords associated with lifestyle in 2021. Cue the Key Trends tip list, guaranteed to bring out the best in your cabin on a daily basis.

Stone age

Using Canadian Shield rock inside your home will help your decor blend with what you see outside.

Solar power

After a year of anxiety, a sunny splash of colour will make you happy. Yellow also represents the light at the end of the tunnel. We can hope!

Fall for orange

Looking for a spot of zesty home design inspo this season? Then look no further than the fall’s changing leaves and opt for orange.

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Outdoors and Entertainment

Star in a bottle

Forget celebrity tequila. And whisky, too. A veritable Who’s Who of the entertainment industry have recently launched some exceptional new wines.

Home bar none

When it’s time to welcome guests back to your rustic retreat, up the ante with a home bar that screams ‘Lounge Lizard.’

Seasonal tune up

Stop, stoop, pick, smell, observe and contemplate the many changes taking place in your garden at this precise moment.

Shedding light on a garden escape

Bring a little cottage vibe to any backyard by transforming a shed into a private retreat.


Citizen science

The value of community involvement in research can be measured in part through results that reach far beyond the original project scope.

The Ribbon of Life

The ribbon of life

The transitional area between aquatic and terrestrial is a critical habitat for local wildlife and requires our collective small-scale efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.

Aliens in your backyard

UFOs – unidentified flora (and fauna) objects – can be overpowered if you nurture native plants and animals. In the process, your environment will become substantially more welcoming.

Filling the gaps of knowledge

From protecting lake health to battling homelessness, research projects involving community members and student scientists provide critical support for researchers.

A Note from Colin and Justin

Hello, and welcome to Here with Colin and Justin. The very essence of life in the rural space, Here is an exciting, quarterly magazine based in Ontario’s magical Cottage Country. With the emphasis on informative, inspirational content, our new mag will be a style bible, a lifestyle compass and a guide to all that's good in cottage country.

Here: Exploring the New Rural Lifestyle

The New Rural Lifestyle is what happens when you add thousands of new, capable people to established, small country communities. It’s entrepreneurial. It’s real. It involves shifting the focus from oneself to what’s around you, fully engaging with the people and landscape of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Here With Colin and Justin is the standard bearer of the New Rural Lifestyle. Here shows newcomers how to settle, connect, grow and make a difference. Here gives them the tools and information they need to make the most of rural life, and the most of life itself.

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Here is about:

  • Building homes that reflect values of quality, durability, sustainability and responsibility;
  • How towns are revitalizing and reinventing themselves;
  • Setting up successful professional practices, businesses, shops and workshops;
  • Engaging in volunteer opportunities;
  • Solving problems and building communities;
  • Enjoying the outdoors and nature;
    Living an authentic life.

Here connects you with one of the highest value markets in Canada. Our readership has sold their city homes – often with huge profits. They need new homes, renovations and everything those involve. Here readers are high consumers of recreational equipment, travel, dining, watercraft, sustainable building products, alternative energy systems and energy-efficient appliances. They have the income and wealth of city dwellers, without huge mortgages and other expenses that limit their disposable income. Here readers are all-in, full-time, and you have the opportunity to help them settle and grow.

On any given day, Here readers are buying and leasing commercial properties to start businesses; looking at better ways to heat their homes; considering the right vehicle for tougher winters and country roads; thinking about local adventure activities and distant adventure vacations; hosting friends and family; taking up new sports; managing their income and investments; starting new hobbies and pursuing old ones; optimizing their lives with technology, from internet services to smart homes.

Here is where they are. Here is where you need to be.