Let it snow

Snow days are a one-two punch of scenic beauty and all-out simple fun.

by Christy Wright

To be situated in some of the loveliest parts of Cottage Country, with pinch-me surroundings, is surely one of life’s greatest joys. We’re capitalizing on these winter wonderlands with some cold weather finds that will have you cannoning out the door, excited about icy temperatures and hoping for more snow.

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Snow days are all about making memories. This in mind, the Grizzly Wood Toboggan is sure to hit the mark. Handcrafted in Canada from Ontario ash hardwood, it takes toboggan comfort to the next level with a handsewn pad that imparts generous cushioning. We love the plaid’s cool retro feel, which looks just as festive on the hills as it does resting in the cottage. It features a tough, eco-friendly protective finish and, at just under 6lbs (2.7kg), it’s conveniently lightweight.

$139 | CanadianTire.ca

Pant and rave

Finally! A snow pant that feels eminently more Milan than it does Michelin Man. Mountain Hardware launched the Stretchdown Pant for fall/winter 2021 and its fab style is matched only by its fierce functionality. Designed to be worn over base layers, it features super lightweight 700-fill RDS-certified down insulation. The sleek design includes an integrated webbed belt for a comfortable fit, and the single-fabric construction nets a full range of mobility and increased breathability, devoid of uncomfortable stitching or toxic glues.

$325 | MountainHardwear.com

Mozy on over

The Mozy lets you get cozy in the chilly outdoors. This super cool wrap-and-go fleece-lined blanket offers lightweight, hands-free warmth whether you’re standing on the deck, sitting around a frost-covered firepit or venturing out for a snowy stroll. Windproof and water-resistant, it’s easy to put on, a breeze to move in and boasts handy pockets for keys, cellphone or even a beverage. It’s also a cinch to fold (a wrist strap makes it easy to carry), is machine washable and available in red, teal or black.

$149 US | GetTheMozy.com

Boot camp

Fact: you really can’t feel comfy with cold toes. But help is at hand: Ganka Bama socks proffer a secondary layer of insulation to rubber-bottom boots. Comprising an inner layer of warm fleece that eliminates moisture, along with an outer layer of cotton that wicks perspiration, these are a dry and comfy treat for feet, with a reinforced heel and elastic cuff to ensure a good fit. Tip: go down a size smaller than your boot for an even better fit. They’re designed for men but work just as well for women and are so toasty, you might want to wear them inside as slippers.

$16.99 | Marks.com

Ice capades

Few experiences compare to that of skating on a pristine lake, especially when it’s snowing. And come on: who doesn’t love the idea of burning calories doing something so enjoyable? It seems like most men already have their hockey skates at the cottage so we’ve focussed on Sno Leopard women’s recreational skates. They’re presented in classic black with a pre-sharpened blade (nickel-plated to prevent rust) and 3M Thinsulate lining for extra comfort and warmth. The roomy toebox makes skating for hours a comfortable possibility.

$124.99 | CanadianTire.ca

Dream cream

How ever you spend your snow day, it’s sure to take a toll on your skin. My panacea for Cottage Country complexions is Céla’s Crème Violette, a potion by which even Oprah swears. It’s small enough to pack for a day out and perfect for post-snow pampering. Potent Canadian botanicals make this formulation a hydrating superstar, while real lavender extracts increase relaxation. Feel-good bonus: it’s cruelty-free, devoid of parabens, phthalates and sulfates, and it’s made right here in Canada.

$37 | ThisIsCela.com

Christy Wright is a freelance writer and world traveller. ChristyWrites.ca