Quiet moments

Queen of texture Lynne Knowlton inspires us to create a tranquil oasis with her recipe for touchy-feely calm.

by Colin and Justin | photography by Knowlton and Co.

It’s fair to suggest that Lynne Knowlton is busy. As a partner in business with daughter Tristan (with whom she runs her website LynneKnowlton.com and a popular online store), she’s also the creative brain behind The Tree House+Cabin Retreat, a vacation respite widely revered for its quiet sense of calm.

Queen of texture Lynne Knowlton inspires us to create a tranquil oasis with her recipe for touchy-feely calm.

We caught up with Lynne to find out what makes her tick. Here, with the emphasis on texture, the Canadian style maven showcases a series of soothing vignettes, each arranged to help you relax and unwind.

“I love white,” explains the uber creative, “and the simplicity it imports to any space.” Pausing for a moment, she adds: “Ahead of starting any scheme, Tristan and I imagine how it would feel were it re-tooled as a light airy environment, with soft lines and lots of textural elements.”

And how does working as a mother/daughter team play out? “Let’s just say it never gets predictable because, as much as we share similar tastes, we bring different things to each project. We’re a solid team, and it simply works.”

We’ve witnessed, firsthand, the rooms Lynne creates, in her own home and in the aforementioned tree house, which we featured during Great Canadian Cottages, one of our Cottage Life TV shows. The Knowlton “recipe” is always a piece (and indeed peace) perfect observation of what happens when detail is considered at every turn.

“Tristan and I kick things off by planning a ‘room overview.’ Following this, we’ll work through colour scheming and bigger ticket items like flooring, sofas and dining furniture. Then, and only then, do we start layering in the accessories.”

Ah, yes: room vitamins, as we like to call them, to “fortify” the schematic plan. “The glory moments arrive,” Lynne explains, “when we start adding drapery, pillows and tablecloths, as well as vases, bowls and art. Each of these elements forces us to slow down and drink in the quiet moments which our work embraces.”

It’s impossible to be anything less than impressed by Lynne’s ability to cast sublime decorative spells. Upon whatever she’s working, be it an international buying trip (during normal times, to gather merchandise for her online store) or a private client project, she steers the opportunity to bring out the very best in that moment. For Lynne, it’s all about restraint, and calm. And it’s all about decorative love.