Shower with praise

Good surface design is nothing without a proper foundation.

by Colin and Justin

During a recent cottage project, we carefully removed a redundant, grey plastic shower enclosure, having elected to create an industrial feel for our new walk-in installation. Settling on ceramic wood-look plank and hexagon tiles from Saltillo, matt black fixtures by Rubinet and a Dreamline screen from Home Depot, our room recipe was exactingly planned.

But a dream design can only be successfully realised if everything behind the scenes is properly arranged. And that’s where the Schluter shower system came in, waterproofing being one of the first things on our design hungry minds. By specifying Kerdi-Board wall panels (and the Kerdi shower tray), we were assured that our beautiful new bathroom would be totally waterproof.

Next, we added Schluter’s Channel Body and Linear Drain to ensure all requisite components married perfectly.

In the fast-moving world of home renovation, time is money, and so, to get the entire area waterproofed before tiles are applied, it’s imperative your installer uses an easy fix, low-mess system such as this one. Perhaps it’s because we’re Scottish, but we more than understand the value of good project management to help moderate costs. Well laid plans, after all, expedite results to keep our projects moving, costs in tow and completion in early course.

Our tiler, Craig Bowker, was well versed in the easy install product collection and, consequently, the entire application progressed without issue or delay.

Further project luxury was added thanks to under-tile floor heating – a must-have, as we see it, in any cottage. Aye, there’s little better than feeling that welcoming, indulgent warmth underfoot on a cold winter’s day. Thanks to Schluter’s Ditra Heat System, the flexibility of choosing precisely where the heating cables are arranged (and needed most), and the fact it has such a shallow profile makes it easy to manage transitions to adjoining rooms without changes in floor height. Hey presto: the avoidance of trip hazards.

Paying attention to the detail in this case study will help ensure your project looks and feels as good as it possibly can.

Doesn’t everybody dream of a shower room of which to be proud? And, havin g c reated a beautiful space in which you and your family can relax, it’s especially reassuring to know it functions every bit as well behind the scenes as it does across its beautiful surface.

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Waterporoofing and in-floor heating systems:
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